Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last Piece

So, by about 3:15 module number 3 had just been set. This gave us 45 minutes to unload, strip and place two more modules. It would have been a travesty to stop because of the logistics of setting up the next day --- towing the cars again, hour and a half to set up the crane, etc. Let's just say by some miracle we got it finished in one day. Let's not talk about how, okay? Let's just say we finished by 4:00 and leave it at that.

Thanks to everyone who made this day possible! The folks at IBS who finished constructing the house in 3 weeks, the crane operator who seamlessly set the pieces, the IBS finishers who expertly laid the modules in place, Helios who organized the process, and, most of all, Jeff and Kate, who's vision became a reality on this day!

Will post some more pictures of the completed house, which was difficult on the day because it was dark and there was a 220 ton crane sitting in front of the house. It's only a matter of weeks now before we will be able to move in, and we are so very excited!

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